a collection of dried flowers


“There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter.

One is the January thaw. The other is the seed catalogue.”

Hal Borland


Isn’t this a true quote? Though we finally have some frosty days here in Belgium, I can’t really speak of thaw as it hasn’t really been freezing much. Nevertheless the blue sky and sunshine of today makes the winter days bearable!

And about the seed catalogue… well, I’ve already ordered my seeds for the garden in December. I joined the group purchase for organic seeds, organised by Velt. Too many seeds to choose from but I managed to make a selection and I always buy some new seeds I’ve haven’t tried before. Just to keep the gardening adventurous and exciting! Now it’s waiting until February to pick them up.

In the mean time I’ve been sorting out my dried flowers and weeds I collected by the end of summer and during autumn. This was such a perfect activity to do on a winter day, together with a cup of hot tea. These flowers reminded me of the glorious summer days, my colourful garden and a new summer yet to come!

How fragile are these sunflower heads with their papery leaves and warm autumn shades!

I’m always surprised by the diversity of dried flower heads. It’s amazing how different and unique they all look. These tiny brown strangely shaped forms contain the specific characteristics of the flower or plant. They only need fertile soil, water, warmth and  light to germinate and grow into a new flower again! The seeds are the life-giving essence of a plant in the making.

Finally sorted out in an old wooden box. Now I can use them to make the glass jars with miniature porcelain scenes. I’ve been writing about it in this blogpost







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