an interview about slow living for a Belgian magazine

A month ago I was asked to take part in an interview about slow living for a Belgian magazine, called Goed Gevoel. The title is “Living slower, is that really possible?”

Together with 3 other bloggers we enjoyed a delicious lunch outside and talked about what slow living means for us and how it effects our daily lives. So if you would like to read the article, it now came out in the newest issue of Goed Gevoel. I’m sorry for all the English speaking people, but the article is only available in Dutch. But in the coming months I hope to write some blogposts about how we try to live slower and consciously.

I have to say it’s not really my type of magazine but I’m happy I could share about how we try to live slow and sustainable… and that it is possible!


3 comments for “an interview about slow living for a Belgian magazine

  1. mams
    18 mei 2017 at 15:15

    Lieve dochter Nausika, met veel vreugde lazen we het mooie artikel dat doet stilstaan en nadenken.
    Fier op jou!

  2. karin
    19 mei 2017 at 15:02


    Super van jou, we kunnen nog wat leren!!!

    prachtige juwelen en mooie gedachten, proficiat.


  3. Nausika
    19 mei 2017 at 16:21

    Dank je wel Karin voor deze lieve woorden!

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