A collection of handmade golden frames with a page of an antique photo book and porcelain flowers.

“Field of Wildflowers”

“Flowers of the Woods I”

Viola odorata

Ranunculus ficaria

Vinca minor

“Flowers of the Woods II”

Palmaria officinalis and Anemone nemorosa

Gnaphalium sylvaticum

“Flowers of the Woods III”

Hepatica nobilis

Maianthemum bifolium and Cephalanthera grandiflora

A mix of vintage frames with different kind of flowers.

“Ranunculus repens” and “Parnassia palustris”.

“Enchanted Forest”, a miniature porcelain forest with ferns, leaves, mushrooms, flowers and moss.

The following collection of glass domes with recycled oak pedestals contains fragile porcelain flowers, reflecting the beauty of the natural world around us. It’s an invitation to take the time to look closer and more attentively to nature. To be surprised and filled with wonder …

Surrounded by a blooming garden and wild nature, I’ve tried to capture its beauty in porcelain. Under these glass domes with miniature porcelain wild flowers, plants and mushrooms one can take a closer look to the amazing details of nature.

All the flowers, stems and details are hand modelled in porcelain. Porcelain’s fineness, fragility and strength lends itself perfectly for these natural forms. I enjoy working with this challenging material by just using my hands and some simple tools.

“Tinctoria Garden”

Nature offers us an unlimited color palette. Plants, animals, rocks and the earth itself, … nature has countless colors in the most beautiful hues. Man has always been attracted to color. There are many naturally occurring plants from which one can extract color to produce natural dyes. This porcelain Tinctoria Garden is filled with nettle and wild ginger for green, ivy for grey-green, knight-sorrel for brown, woodruff for red and yellow chamomile and calendula for yellow.

“Summer seedpods”

“Daisies in the field”

“Little Woodland I”

“Little Woodland II”

“Wildflower garden”

“Dandelion dreams”

“Autumn Garden”

Autumn is the season of abundance. It’s this magical time when everything bursts with its last beauty as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale! Golden leaves are dancing in the wind, rose hips wink in the hedgerow, ferns are turning into brown silhouettes and mushrooms pop up from the soil which is covered with a carpet of leaves and moss. The essence of autumn is captured in this Autumn Garden!

Flowers remind us to live in the moment; they are temporary, but by embracing them in our everyday lives we get to enjoy the beauty of their transience.

A collection of porcelain wildflowers in glass test tubes.

“Cirsium vulgare”

“Echinacea purperea”

“Trifolium repens” and “Viola tricolor”

From the fields of wildflowers we go into the woods. Deep into the green enchanted forests… where mushrooms and ferns grow on a soft carpet of moss. Where the branches of the trees are overgrown with lichen and moss.

“Tiny woods”

“Fungi Forest”

“A tiny snail”

“Fungi garden”