A collection of porcelain wildflowers and forest treasures in glass test tubes.

“Dipsacus fullonum”

“Summer meadow”, a vintage bell jar with typical summer wildflowers such as knapweed, buttercup, dandelion, tiny daisies, selfheal and narrow plantain.

“Blooming fall”, a bell jar with autumn plants and flowers such as blackberries, Kashmire sage, rosehip, echinacea and leaves.

“Seeds of abundance”, a bell jar filled with beautiful seedpods from poppies, plantain, corn-cockle, self-heal, knapweed and the cuckoo flower.

“A little meadow”, this bell jar represents the small wildflowers we so often overlook. The following wildflowers are part of this creation: yellow chamomile, verbena, thistle.

“White winter song”, tiny birds are singing their winter song while the snow has covered everything with a soft white carpet.

Small footprints of tiny birds in the snow…

Vintage watches with a porcelain miniature world of moss, ferns, plants, mushrooms and even a tiny squirrel. Instead of watching the time goes by, we’d rather marvel in the beauty of nature as this sets us back in a slow and natural pace. Spending time in nature, slows us down and makes us forget time.

The porcelain notebooks and herbarium I’ve created are made to add some beauty to your daily life and being surrounded by the beauty and calmness of nature.. Collecting dried flowers in an herbarium or writing beautiful poems or quotes in a notebook is such a peaceful way to slow down and reflect on the beauty of nature.

This porcelain herbarium can be filled with your own dried flowers and plants. One can add as much pages as you like and make a beautiful collection to remember those special places in nature you’ve been.

This herbarium-notebook is already filled with beautiful pages and handbound. The cover has a delicate imprint of robert’s herb colored in soft green and pink hues.

This notebook is titled “A secret garden fairytale”. Lovely flowers, ferns and more fairylike flowers are imprinted on this cover, telling a wordless story of a secret garden…