‘Woodland Fairytale’ is an enchanting tale of woodland plants such as ferns, moss, blackberries, bluebells, foxglove, wood anemones and helleborine.

‘Papaver somniferum’ and ‘Papaver rhoeas

‘Poppy garden’

‘Papaver somniferum’

‘Flowers of the field’, a meadow with chamomile, cornflowers, poppies, cuckoo flowers and redshank.

A new collection of glass test tubes with different kind of wildflowers.

‘Echinacea purpurea’

‘Midsummer Garden’, a meadow filled with buttercups, cornflowers, daisies, sorrel and harebells.

‘Spring awakening’ and ‘Cirsium vulgare’

‘Fungi Forest’

A combination of test tubes and a glass dome, with a variety of mushrooms.

‘Woodland Tales’, a small woodland with blackberries, mushrooms, ferns and moss.