This collection of glass domes with recycled oak pedestals contains fragile porcelain flowers, reflecting the beauty of the natural world around us. It’s an invitation to take the time to look closer and more attentively to nature. To be surprised and filled with wonder …

“Wildflower garden I and II “

“Summer flower garden”


“Shepherd’s purse”

“Forest of mushrooms”

A collection of vintage watches with a miniature porcelain world of plants, flowers, mushrooms and moss. Instead of watching the time goes by, we’d rather marvel in the beauty of nature as this sets us back in a slow and natural pace. Spending time in nature, slows us down and makes us forget time.

Tiny glass jars filled with a porcelain wildflower and vintage illustration. They have a porcelain lid with the corresponding flower and its imprinted Latin name.

A little daisy, a happy buttercup, a blooming hawthorn, a fragile cuckoo-flower and a pretty blue flax flower.

Vintage watchmaker tins with a botanical illustration and its corresponding flower made in porcelain.

“Winter purslane”


“White cuckoo flower”