Glass domes with tiny botanical stories. Enchanting miniature worlds with wildflowers, birds, butterflies, moss and mushrooms.

“Poppies and flowers”

“Birdsong” and “Enchanted tree”

“Mushroom gardens”

“Blooming bulb” and “My little garden”

“Blue thistle and butterflies”

This collection of glas test tubes is telling small and delicate stories about the beauty and diversity of nature.

One tells a story about growing and blooming, another speaks about dreaming and wishing , and there’s also this tiny story about living at a slow pace…

“Slow days” and “Secrets of the forest”

This story of ‘Our hiding place’ tells about the beauty of companionship and friendship, of sharing one’s life with one another.

‘Blooming buds’ narrates about a place where every delicate flower can bloom wild and free.

‘Million dreams’ are like a the seeds of a dandelion. Tiny parachutes flying free on the wind and beginning their own adventure.

In a ‘Poppy garden’ every flower blooms and scatters seeds of joy and beauty.

“Autumn leaves” and “Blooming buds”

A collection of porcelain stationery with handmade cotton paper, tiny porcelain tags and botanical details.

Seed boxes with imprints of herbs and plants. A little package is filled with seeds from my garden. A perfect botanical gift for gardeners!

Porcelain notebooks and a herbarium. They are filled with different kind of high quality paper with dried flowers, tiny envelopes, botanical stickers and other surprises.

This box “A little herbarium” is filled with porcelain wildflower labels and vintage printed cards.