a colorful day

Even though it’s raining a lot and the sky is grey, there are colors all around. One must only take time to see them!  I’m really sensitive to colors especially this time of year when everything looks so bleak and gloomy.

Some colors of today:

P1330742 P1330654

The sky suddenly became blue with soft woolly clouds and even the sun was coming trough for a moment.

White fragile blossoms against a mustard green background of branches.


I’ve planted hyacinth bulbs on a bed of moss and hopefully it’s smell and vivid blue color will soon fill our home.

Our helleborus is blooming abundant. I love this kind of pink between the fresh green.


Lately I’ve been coloring some of the new porcelain jewelry I made. I love combining the stains to create new colors and give “life” to the white porcelain. It wasn’t a real surprise I used mainly springlike colors!!!

1 5 6 2 banner 4

The pure porcelain is like a white canvas, ready to be colored. Although the background already looks like a finished painting.

8 9

What about your day, is it also filled with happy colors?

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