A daily dose of blossom and beauty

It’s a stormy and very windy March morning. A small piece of blue visible in the grey sky and a little glimpse of sunshine is getting through the clouds. Birds with spread wings are soaring on the wind. It forces me to go outside for a refreshing morning walk. Trees are bending as the strong wind is blowing at their back. It makes me wonder how strong these kings of the forest are. How far and strong their roots underground must be to withstand this stormy wind.

I’m walking towards blossoming trees, they are covered in clouds of white petals and the air is sweetly scented. The smell of Spring!

White petals with a rose heart and delicate stamen. White.. a fresh and pure color, a symbol of hope and renewal.

Seeing this exquisite and fine beauty fills me with joy and I’m walking home with an uplifting and joyfully spirit. Starting the day with being outside and this kind of beauty has an immediate effect on my wellbeing. It’s like taking a daily dose of vitamins. Only one can’t capture the effect of beauty and blossom into pills or medicine bottles, can we?

But I tried… a glass medicine bottle filled with pure blossom flowers, a tiny pillbox with pink blossom buds and an old box  with the scent of freshly opened blossom buds.


“In each new day, wherever you may be, there is always waiting for you some beautiful discovery. The more you go in search, the more you find that every day will have at least one moment where the beauty is simply and abundantly clear. In that moment your eyes will open — and the beauty becomes a part of you, as you have opened your heart to it. Then you’ll find that each day is stitched of such moments. You’ll begin to gather yourself, finding life itself a patchwork quilt of beauty. It’s waiting to be found, to be made. It waits for you.”

Katie Daisy, artist



“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;

they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.”

Luther Burbank

Isn’t that well said by this American botanist and flower expert?! I can only say, that flowers work that way for me too. I hope you might have the same experience when being surrounded by flowers.

What do you say about a little pill of blossom buds, one spoon of flower petals and a drop of blossom essence? A small dose everyday to make us aware of the beauty around us and to fill us with joy and wonder. Even though some days can be tough and hard and our skies look dark and grey, may these blossoms reminds us of the hope there always is. The light that shines, even through the smallest crack, in our lives.

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