a day in my garden

I think last Saturday was one of the last soft autumn days we  will probably get.Wrapped in a warm cardigan and shawl it was really enjoyable to work in the garden. Autumn is still very much present and really glorious. The leaves continue their colour changing, dancing performance, but the cold temperatures  and bare branches are just around the corner. I still had some work to do before winter is coming.

p1400692 p1400702

Covering the vegetable garden with a thick carpet of mulch;  leaves, grass, dried and withered vegetable leaves and stems like zucchini and beans. The last one are really nutritious for the soil. When spring arrives, they are withered and the soil enriched. How beautiful nature works together!


Fennel is blooming abundantly and treats me with the last colorful flowers to make a bouquet with.


I love the soft light shining through the reed at our little pond. It’s hided behind the reed.


These high plants are the jerusalem artichoke we will soon have on our dinner plates!


We use this bench to store the logs for next winter, and to enjoy the view on our flower garden or just to let the sun warm our faces.



The view on the nature reserve, boarding to our garden. How lovely are the autumn colors that are becoming more colorful everyday.

p1400756         p1400673

Planting Jerusalem artichoke for next year and covering it with a thick layer of leaves. This little daisy doesn’t care the cold and the fallen leaves.

p1400748                        p1400751

I found this avocado, among 2 others, growing on our compost heap. They are now moved inside our home, on the window sill. What a lovely surprise to find a free and new plant in the garden! The green leaves are spinach and purslane, perfect for a winter salad or on a slice of our homemade bread.

p1400714                        p1400694

Even in the vegetable garden there are abundant autumn colors like these marigolds and chard leaves. It’s such a happy sight to have marigolds with their bright colors in the garden. Even on a gray day they look like tiny suns and brighten my day.

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