a day in my garden

Finally we had a warm spring day after weeks of rain and grey skies! To celebrate this lovely day I planted the first peas. With the sun on my face, the rich and healthy soil and these tiny wrinkled seeds I felt really happy!

Now they can start to grow! I reused the branches of the raspberries I pruned a while ago, as a support to guide them. Hopefully within 2 weeks I will see the first tiny sprouts… if the snails haven’t seen them first!

Within some weeks our garden will look much greener. Something I’m very much looking forward to!

I think I will make a salad with fresh purslane and lamb’s lettuce for dinner. Now the days are getting warmer these green leaves are growing fast. Probably I will use some spinach for this weekend’s soup.

Some weeks ago I picked up the organic seeds and seedlings I ordered and made a plant- and sowing plan for this year. Every year I rotate my vegetables and combine them with flowers. I like making up the plan and reading  about possible vegetables combinations. They can strengthen each other’s growth and reduce unwanted insects. What does a gardener want more?! (Yes, I know, a cup of tea and a slice of cake!)

I always try some new vegetables or another variety. It makes gardening more interesting and one gets to know new veggies that aren often not for sale in the supermarkets.

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