a day in my garden

Here I am again! Finally writing a new blogpost on our new computer! Thank you for your patience! I must confess I’ve missed writing here so I’m  glad to be back (and for our new computer). As I promised I had a lot to tell and show, so here’s a long post about our garden these days. I hope you’ll like this little peek in my garden!

During springtime things constantly change and everyday one can see new things happening in nature. Especially when I walk in our garden it’s so obviously.

Some weeks ago I sow pumpkin, cucumber and zucchini in tiny rustic flowerpots. It was such a beautiful spring day, and I felt the calming effect of being surrounded by so much fresh green. When you look carefully you can even see the geese flying high in the sky. Some of them already have little ones and there’s even a couple having their nest nearby in the nature reserve. Our girls can spy on them with binoculars from their treehouse. How exciting!


This year we have a very big rhubarb plant and of course I couldn’t resist baking a rhubarb pie with almonds. When our strawberries are sweet and red I hope to make a combined jam. This morning we ate the last strawberry jam I’ve made last spring. There are only a few pots of jam left from last year’s harvest. So it’s really time to go into the kitchen to make new jam!

The first rows of sugar snaps and peas. I’ve combined them with violets and they grow fast and look happy, don’t you think! In between some rows I’ve sown radish and their blushing cheeks are already visible (and soon ready to eat!!).

These two kinds of potatoes are growing fast! Next week (after the 15th of May) I will sow beans in between. In the border I have some flowers and the first green leaves are already coming out. We have had a lot of night frost the last weeks and many blossoms and some flower plants are damaged. Probably we won’t have cherries this year because they have been frozen. It was quite a disaster for this fruit region.

Rows of salad, endive and spinach. In the back you can see garlic and onions, combined with red beet and carrots, although these last ones are still too small to be seen.

The first currants are growing and the strawberries are flowering too! I’m so much looking forward to harvest and use them in the kitchen.

Happily I have a lot of help from these hard working insects… Since a month my husband is officially a beekeeper and we have our own beehive, and hopefully soon our own honey too!! It’s an amazing world and it’s so fascinating to look at them, flying in and out with their heavy load of golden pollen.


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