a day in my garden

When I woke up this morning the sun was shining brightly. It became a lovely spring day. After running my rounds in nature I decided to work in the garden. I needed to plant my potatoes and sow carrots, spinach and peas. Who can resist being outside when the sun is shining, birds are singing and all the green is awakening?

The blossoms are ready to show their loveliness. I really love their fragile petals, soft fragrance and the promise of delicious fruit in autumn. Our apple tree will soon open its pink blossoms and hopefully spoils us with an abundant harvest of sweet apples!

P1340273 P1340254 P1340340

I would like to take you for a walk in my garden. The berry plants are unfolding their green leaves and even the tiny flowers who become berries are already visible. I hardly can’t wait to taste them and make jam in summer.

The herbs are growing fine too. The peppermint must feel completely at home here because its leaves are popping up everywhere. I will use it a lot for making a refreshing tea and also dry them to make my own herbal teas. As you might notice I often use straw to cover the soil. It keeps the soil moist and doesn’t give chance for weeds to grow. It’s such a natural and ecological way of gardening, and easy too because I don’t have to weed that much.

The rosemary and forget-me-nots are blooming delightful! I always have a lot of flowers between the vegetables. It keeps the ecosystem in balance, protects the veggies from unwished insects and looks so pretty. And above all it provides me of fresh flower bouquets every week!

P1340315 P1340314 P1340322 P1340319

The view we have on the nature reserve is changing too. Yellow is coming up everywhere! Isn’t it beautiful that the first flowers are colored in such a happy color. So we surely¬†know spring has arrived!

Happily there are some other colors too, like this fragile cuckoo-flower in pastel lilac.

P1340357 P1340342 P1340347 P1340348 P1340351

P.S. The dandelion and bur decoration on the head picture is been made by our youngest daughter. Hasn’t it become a pretty spring-like bracelet?

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