a day in the botanical garden of Leuven

One of my favourite places in one of my favourite cities is the Botanical Garden in Leuven. Especially in early spring I love to wander around in this magnificent and well maintained garden.

On those early spring days this grass field turns into a purple carpet and the air is filled with its sweet perfume. Yes, the crocuses are blooming!

Even the bees are already hard at work to collect pollen! Can you spot her?

Bright yellow blossoms like radiant little suns against a blue sky.

This huge glass house is a safe and warm place in winter for all the southern plants and trees such as palm trees, citrus fruits, …

The most sweet scent of lemon blossoms is lingering in this glasshouse.

Vivid colors and fantastic shapes of exotic flowers are blooming in the warmth of the sunshine behind the windows.

Now I would like to show you the most charming place in this botanical garden. It’s a tiny and dreamy glasshouse in the Sunk Garden. It has everything a gardener wishes for… or at least what I wish for!

For me, this is an inviting oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of the city. When entering this charming glasshouse, I was blown away by the overwhelming perfume of blooming jasmine which was flowering abundantly.

As it suddenly started to rain, this was the most perfect shelter to stay.

All the different types of Pelargonium were taken care of well. They probably love this place too!

It was a feast for the senses! My eye catches the beautiful color themes. The vivid snow white against dark hues of green and the terracotta colored wall.

Noticing fresh green leaves and new shoots.

Touching the soft and velvet leaves of the Pelargonium.

Hearing the raindrops ticking on the glass roof and the howling stormy wind while I’m feeling safe inside this dreamy place.

Of course there’s so much more to be seen in this wonderful garden so maybe I’ll write about it another time, in another season…

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