a delightful spring evening

Today we had such beautiful spring weather with a clear blue sky and a warm shining sun. How delightful! It almost felt irresponsible to stay inside but I had to work in my studio. Tomorrow when my work is baking for 2 days, I will surely be outside working in the garden to plant potatoes and onions!

The best way to enjoy at least some of the spring warmth is to have dinner outside. We were only the two of us as my husband had to work late and our oldest daughter is on adventure camp with her class. So together with my youngest daughter we ate filled paprika with white beans, halloumi, couscous and a fresh salad from the garden. Afterwards we made a walk and played in the landscape playground. We had a wonderful evening and came home refreshed and happy!

The evening light was so lovely and made the tiny fresh leaves almost transparent. The blossoms looked even more fragile!

This hedge is blooming incredibly abundantly and spreads a honey scented smell in the air. Every time I pass this place I can’t resist smelling at the flowers and picking a branch to take home with me.

These bright yellow flower heads in the grass always make me happy! It’s like they proclaim spring is really here and they want us to delight in the joy and wonder of this new season. Isn’t it a gift we are given a fresh new spring season to indulge in?!


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