a festive month

As we go into the last month of the year and the first hard frost has arrived, I thought it was time to decorate our home. I like to keep it simple and natural. We don’t want to take part in the stress and over overconsumerism that’s typical for this time of year. Just taking it slow and focusing on what Christmas is about.

We have started with our Advent calendar. I’ve been making one with lots of different paper and fabric bags, envelopes, boxes, … and hang them on an old wooden coat rack. I used the things I had around and stamped the numbers on tiny cards. It was fun to do but it took some time to wrap everything and make a beautiful whole of it! The envelopes and bags are filled with parts of the Christmas story and a little task such as eating dinner with only candlelight, making a card for an older person, looking at the stars, drinking hot chocolate, listening to a story or song, a coloring page … The girls really look forward to it every time when we have finished dinner.. and me too! It’s wonderful to celebrate Advent together as a family.



Now most of the trees are bare and without colored leaves, it’s easy to spot some everlasting green like fir and pine trees. With the collected branches I made a garland for inside our home. I love making natural decorations with fresh greenery and recycled material. Adding some rusty stars … and finished! We have candles everywhere in the house, it makes it really cosy when the days are dark. This is one of the things I really love about the winter season!

p1410435 p1410436

p1410438 p1410442


p1410449 p1410448

To welcome our guests and cheer up the street I also made a christmas wreath for the door. In this one I used a bit more color like the red berries and some dried flower heads from the garden.


And how about you? How do you love to decorate your home this time of year?


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