a golden treasure

Some of you might perhaps be a little curious about how our bees are doing… Well, they worked very, very hard and filled most of the frames in the beehive with sealed honey. The frames were really heavy, but that’s for sure a good thing. Time to harvest now!!!

“The bee is more honored than other animals,

not because she labors,

but because she labors for others.”

             St. John Chrysostom


On a warm summer day we drove to Leuven, to a historic abbey with a beautiful surrounding, where we could sling our honey. The car was filled with the scent of sweetness and luckily my husband managed to remove all the bees from the frames otherwise we would have some unhappy passengers in the car.

First we have to uncap the honey frames with a special fork so the honey can get out. The bees seal the honeycombs with beeswax when it’s ready and has the right humidity. Amazing isn’t it?! Our girls were helping too and we couldn’t resist licking the sweet runny honey of our fingers.

Once the frames were uncapped, we put them in the extractor and let it spin. The sweet goodness is now running into a bucket and it kept running …

… until we had 35 kilos of golden sweetness!

We felt so rich and lucky! Now the honey has to ripen for 6 weeks before we bottle them. But in the meantime we have already put it on our bread and in yoghurt. This honey has such a strong and delicious taste, an incredible difference with the honey from the stores!

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