a little holiday

Last week we had a long weekend as it was Ascension Day. It’s the annual tradition to go on holiday with my husbands family. This year we went to Teuven, situated in a very beautiful region in Belgium, called the Voerstreek.

It’s an appealing hilly landscape with typical valleys and 2 small side rivers of the Meuse. Almost 20% of this region is a nature reserve. Wherever you look, you see green pastures with grazing cows, fields, fruit orchards and even some vineyards on flanks of the hills. It was really a beautiful place to stay and to discover.

Here you can see the sheep in an orchard, enjoying the warm sun and all the fresh green. What else do they need?!

We did a walk with photo search for the kids. It was a various walk along small roads in the fields, through the woods and through cosy tiny villages. We passed a little stall where flowers and plants from a garden were for sale. Of course I couldn’t resist some of the plants that were displayed. My husband was so kind to carry 2 lantern plants (Physalis) all the way. I never managed to let them grow in my garden. I hope these two will like my garden and brighten it abundantly in autumn with their orange lanterns!

I really enjoyed all the blooming flowers along the roadside! Such a pretty sight! Green fields with white daisies, waving on the wind.

A combination of peony buds, Robert’s herb, bur and grasses. The pink hues look lovely in combination with the shades of green, don’t you think?

We stayed at a farm where they have cows and produce biological milk and cheese. The kind farmer gave us a guided tour and the kids have been milking the cows. They drank the milk straight from the udder. What a wonderful and pure experience for them. My girls really liked milking the cows!

I was so happy to hear this farmer interesting story and how he manages to produce biological milk and that the cooperation they are part of is profitable. These cows graze outside on the grasslands and aren’t fed with soy. On the other hand it was painful to hear how non-biological farmers handle their cows and use so many pesticides in the fields and grasslands and even on the backs of the cows against the flies. We already drink biological milk but now I’m even more convinced why it’s healthy and necessary if we want to protect nature want our our kids to have a safe planet left to live on.

Being together with so many people for some days is quite exhausting for me as a high-sensitive person. So on a sunny afternoon my husband and I went to a historical place where they breed trout.

It’s the oldest fish farm in Belgium. The fishes are cultivated in clear spring water, in ponds filled with water from the well of the Voer, an important well in Flandres. They had many species of trout, in various ages. The oldest trout were 3 years old.

This beginning of the well looks like a fairytale. I couldn’t believe this magical place was real. This pond with the gate to the well looked so beautiful and look at the ‘green’ clear water!

We made a walk in this park around the castle, the ponds and tiny waterfalls and enjoyed the calmness and beauty of this place.

Can you see the trouts circling in rounds?

Tiny waterfalls guide the water from the well go to other ponds but for me it also add a dreamy atmosphere to this magical place!

A cosy and peaceful shed surrounded by green and blooming roses. I felt refreshed by our little outing and wouldn’t mind staying here for a little longer, enjoying the natural and dreamy surrounding. But we have to go back to the farm to have a bbq with the family, to catch up with each other, to play board games with the teens, to read and have small conversations with the little ones. I feel blessed to be part of my husband’s big, kind, relaxing, happy and sometimes crazy family!

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