a lovely day out

I would like to take you to Leuven, a lovely and historical city where I’ve been living for more than 10 years. So now and then I go back there, just like I did yesterday. There is an amazing botanical garden, in the middle of the city. A perfect place to find some peace and quietness, and just wandering around.

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Around this time of year one will see a grass field filled with hundreds of daffodils and crocuses. They’ll cheer up everyone passing by. What a pretty view!


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Another special place is this rustic greenery, painted in warm orange. The perfect background for all the shades of green! It smelled heavenly yesterday with the blooming jasmine inside.

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It seems like I can’t get enough of the fresh leaves and first blossoms. Like they are assuring me spring is really coming. They all look so different and lovely shaped, not to speak about their delicate colors!

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I also visited my favorite thrift store in Leuven and found an old English picnic basket. The tableware for two was complete and decorated with tiny blue flowers, typically English. So I went home happy and refreshed. Now I only have to plan a date for our first spring picnic this year…

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