a May flower bouquet

Freshly picked May flowers from my garden… for you! I want to thank you for visiting this place, for taking the time to read my blog or writing a comment. I wish I could give you all a little bouquet of these May flowers!

I understand it might not be that easy to visit my website on a regular base. Especially because I don’t use any social media accounts on which you might notice when there would be a new post. But it’s encouraging to know more and more people from all over the world find their way to this place. I really hope my blogposts inspire you, make you more creative, are helpful to live a slow and sustainable life and make you appreciate nature around you!

So a big thank you to all of you!

This is a selection of  flowers that are blooming right now in my garden, on these first May days. A collection of flowers in pink and purple shades and some wild fennel leaves for a green touch.

It’s only the second year that this pink colombine is blooming in my garden. I really love these flowers, they make me think of elegant dancers with a layered tutu. They look so very beautiful, don’t you think?

” And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed

and every day revealed new miracles.”

Frances Hodgson Burnett

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