a poppy red summer holiday start

Finally the summer holiday begins! We’ve been so looking forward to it, especially the girls. Free days to fill in with summery things and enjoying the rest and a slow rhythm.


Rest is not idleness,

and to lie sometimes on the grass

on a summer day

listening to the murmur of water,

or watching the clouds float across the sky,

is hardly a wast of time.        

 John Lubbock


Poppies are blooming all over in the garden now, with their vivid red colours! I’ve sown a mix of different kind of poppies between the veggies. Some are coloured in white with delicate pink edges. What a pretty sight, and it changes everyday as they bloom so shortly! It’s always a surprise which new types of poppies are in bloom.

Of course the beginning of the summer holiday need to be celebrated and what’s better than a homemade dessert with fresh fruit from the garden!

As it happens, even my vintage skirt matches the poppy red color!

For those who have holiday, I wish you happy, inspiring and calm days!

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