scented lilacs and sunlight

Last evening the air was filled with the heavenly scent of the lilacs. One of my favourite flowers!!! They have been blooming abundantly this year! During the last weeks I often picked a flower stem and put it in a vase to enjoy their smell inside our home too. Unfortunately they don’t last long but on the other hand it compels me to stand near this tree and delight in their charming beauty and sweet fragrance.

It made me pondering about the beauty of the seasons, of having a garden and of forgetting all sense of time. I came across this fragment, written by Katherine Swift and I couldn’t agree more!

“Unlike a watch, which marks off how much time has gone and how much remains, the sound of the bells ringing the quarters had seemed to say, ‘Stop. Think. This is here. This is now.’ In my previous life there had never been enough time, time was always running out. But in the garden, where I was acutely aware of the passage of time – the changing light as the hours of the days passed by, the shifting pattern of the seasons as the years passed by – there was paradoxically  the feeling of having all the time in the world, of hours and days stretching and expanding into a shimmering pool of now. All gardeners are aware of that sense of flow, of loosing oneself. Modern timekeeping is to rigid for the likes of us – pinned like a moth to a framework with no give in it.”


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