a snowy day

Today we finally got the first snow of this winter! Isn’t that the perfect start of a new year! Everything was covered with a thin layer of white softness and one could really hear the silence. The things I had planned to do in the house needed to wait because we first want to enjoy the wonder of snow. We don’t often have snow in Belgium so it’s hard to resist, especially when we are all at home and have holiday!

Even in the white and gray hues in winter time there’s color to be found! Typical Christmas colors, don’t you think?!

Our girls are making snowballs to surprise us but I had also made some big snowballs… to throw at them! We had fun together!


I love the stillness and peace in this wintery scene. The only sound we heard was the crunching of our shoes in the snow.


Lovely winter beauties!




This duck is making a little walk on ice and if you look closely you can see his wife coming too!


I’m enjoying the view in our garden and watching the girls making tiny snowman. Thinking about how vivid and green our garden was in summer, and how white¬†and stilled it is now. I really love the difference in the seasons.

I hope you are enjoying the first days of the year too! Do you also have snow?

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