a white page

January is like a white page! As the snow outside covers everything with a white blanket, I have white pages in my sketchbook and a white wall in front of me. Last week I have removed the pictures from my moodboard. In the new year I like to start with an empty wall and a white page. During the year it will get filled with a collection of pictures and ideas.


An empty page is so inviting but on the other hand a bit scary too. It feels like everything is possible still I’m bound to the inspiration of that moment. Happily I have already filled some pages with sketches for new sculptures, thinking about the story they’ll tell, the porcelain details, the color combinations, … .


In the end I just have to take my clay and start sculpting. Feeling the cold softness of the clay and smelling it’s earthly fragrance. Putting layers of clay together into a new creation. Along the way the clay gets it’s shape and becomes a new figure, telling her story. The idea on the white page has come to life, and often differently from the first sketch! It’s always a wonderful and surprising process.

P1430794 P1430805

Work in progress…


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