a white wonderland

This morning I wake up in a white wonderland! As we don’t often have snow in Belgium, it’s a real luxury. Everything is covered under a white blanket with rounded edges. I feel childlike excited when I see this white world! I couldn’t resist winter’s invitation to take a walk in this wonderland. Come, and walk with me…

Walking under a roof of white covered branches.

A silver mirror lake reflecting the natural sketches of black and white.


Even now, when everything looks white, there are some soft pastel colors to be found. I’m completely in love with this blushing winter berry.

Seedpods and other remainders of summer still look amazing in their white coats!

White noise


In all the world

there’s nothing like

the sound of falling snow-


The only noise

I’ve ever known

that makes the clocks move slow;


The only sound 

that sweeps away

the din of city streets;


And wraps around,

in soft embrace,

‘most everyone it meets;


A sound that’s not

a sound at all-

a quiet, soft and dear,


That comforts all

the sleepy souls

who sit, and watch, and hear.



And even when it feels like we’re in the midst of winter, there are signs of spring. It was a heartwarming delight to see these green sprouts defying the cold.

This lonely snowdrop bravely blooms in this wonderful white wonderland and fills us with wonder and hope. Once the sun is shining she will open her fragile petals and be one of the first blooming flowers!

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