a winter gift for you (now closed)

It’s winter time! As I used to do with every seasonal change, I will give away a free gift. I love making a pretty present to add beauty to this life. I think this naturally shaped porcelain spoon is a lovely thing to use!  A little tag with the words “spoonful of thanks” is tied to the spoon. As a reminder of everything beautiful we get in this life and we can be thankful for.

winter gift

To win this handmade porcelain spoon, you only have to write a little comment below. Maybe you can share what you like most about winter or what’s your favorite winter activity, … . Please don’t forget to write your email address as well, so I can be in touch with you when you are the winner. If you don’t want your email address be seen below, you can also send me an email at ateliernausika@hotmail.com.

Within 10 days, on Friday 14 January, a winner will be drawn at random and be announced here!




This porcelain spoon can be used for example to stir in your coffee or tea, or to put in a jar with loose tea.



Another surprise I have for you is FREE SHIPPING during January 2017 in my Etsy shop! Use the code WINTER2017 and you’ll get free shipping to every country for every purchase from 30€. I’ve updated my shop with a few new things, I hope you like them!

I wish you all good luck and I’m looking forward to hear from you! Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner and you’ll soon receive this unique porcelain spoon in a wrapped package!

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