April musings

I must admit writing a new blogpost doesn’t come easily these last weeks. So I thought to share some musings that are wandering in my mind these past days. Maybe you sometimes have these kind of days too? Days, on which our mind is too full and we wished to get lost in this dreamy landscape… Oh, how I love the blooming orchards I’m surrounded by on these April days!

It feels like my head is overwhelmed by all the things that needs to be done. Preparing the herbal workshop I’m going to give next week, firing and glazing my new work, putting the jewellery together, glueing the porcelain flowers under the glass domes, packing for the upcoming market, making garden plans for our garden as well as for friends, planting new flowers and fruit bushes I’ve ordered, preparing the soil and sowing in the veggie garden, drying the first healing herbs, preserving the first rhubarb and making jam, finishing and furnishing my new studio and slowly settling into it. I will soon write about it in another blogpost!

Of course the ordinary things continue as well, such as spending time with my family, householding, …. . As a perfectionist, all these things ask a lot of my energy and time. Where is the time left to be creative? I’m having lots of new ideas to explore and would love to begin with new creations, but it feels like I’ll have to wait some more to start working out these ideas. But when I’m able to start, it will be in my new studio in the garden. And that will surely feels like a wonderful luxury!

I’m sitting outside now as I write this blogpost. Enjoying the evening light and view on our garden. All the fresh green leaves, paint strokes of color in between the green as flowers are blooming. White blossom petals whirling on the wind until they cover the dark soil with a white carpet. These blossoms… the promise of summer fruit and autumn abundance!

These fragile blossoms shine and are completely new, making a strong contrast with the rough and dark bark. Every year again these fruit trees blossom, although the abundance of blossom may vary. Still, they hold a promise and add beauty to the world.

Even though I could continue to work in the garden or to decorate my new studio, I decided to rest here, to sit and watch. Taking the time to let my mind come to rest so new ideas can grow. Creativity is easily shut down when a mind is full of the so called necessities and obligations. But I need to take care of my personal soil so I can grow and blossom too! Doesn’t nature teaches us valuable lessons, every season again?


 ‘A space is needed between the daytime mind

and the creating mind.

The daytime mind wants clarity, facts, timeliness, and results.

It will do what it thinks is necessary to survive.

The creating mind wants space and freedom.

It is at home in mystery and in timeless time.

More that in stability, it wants to live in the realms of meaning.

How do we honor both – since both are necessary?

Perhaps we do it by respecting the threshold,

the space between them.

When we learn not to charge from one state of being to the other,

but to transition with care and awareness,

we form a habit that honors both.

Then something new in us can hatch out

with a pair of well-matched and beautiful wings.’


Gunilla Norris (from the book “Embracing the seasons”)


I wish you lovely April days where you and your creativity may grow and blossom!

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