Autumn holiday

At the beginning of the extended autumn holiday, due to high rates of Covid-19 contaminations, we went for a weekend away to the Ardennen, in the south of Belgium.

We stayed at a cozy airbnb with an organic garden in Fontenoille and enjoyed the wide view with autumn coloured woods.

Although Fontenoille is a small village, it definitely was a cozy and rustic one. The old houses were built with the local yellow stone and were beautifully renovated.

The air was lingered with a scent of smoke from the chimneys and facades of tiny houses were covered with the most lovely autumn shades!

Even the church was dressed in autumn colors!

Saturday was such a warm and beautiful autumn day so we decided to go for a walk in the woods, visit some tiny villages and cross the boarder with France.

I really enjoy those old villages with cobblestones, ancient houses, greenery all around, the calm atmosphere and its memories of the simple lifestyle from many years ago.

After this various outing, we went to “our house” to rest a little in the warmth of the sun outside in the garden. And our teens also needed a moment for themselves to recharge their inner batteries.

In the late afternoon we went to the Herbeumont Castle, medieval ruins built on the top of a rocky outcrop and overlooking over the meandering Semois.

The view on top of the towers of this ancient castle was amazing! Such a wide panoramic view over the Semois valley. The woods were all colored in such beautiful warm hues!

Driving back to our airbnb trough the woods while the sun set, felt like if I was in a complete other world, which I hugely enjoyed! So much great nature that surrounded me!

I could look back on a wonderful day in the beautiful region of the Gaume! Our youngest daughter had cooked (with a little help of my husband) a delicious meal while I could enjoy some writing and reading. What a luxury!

On Sunday the weather was completely different! Misty, windy, cold and rainy. But it has its own charmes as it showed us this region in another atmosphere. There’s beauty to be found on a misty and grey autumn day, especially when everything around is so pretty colored in warm hues!

I was awake early and went for a little morning walk. It was so calm and quiet outside and the misty rainclouds were moving quickly along the sky.

Just walking where the road leads me and marvelling in the beauty of the expanse of this place.

Leaves dancing on the wind, the earthly scent of humus in the air and raindrops softly falling on my hair. I was completely refreshed, both outwardly and inwardly!

I noticed a lot of cows in this region and barely fields with crops, as I’m used to at home. This part of Belgium is quite known for its cattle breeding.

On a hidden walking path in the woods I saw the little village were we stayed, in the calmness of a Sunday morning.

After a calm and slow morning in our cozy airbnb and saying goodbye to the kind and hospitable owners, we went on our way home. But first we wanted to visit some more of the most beautiful village of Wallonia in this region. During the past months we have already discovered a lot of these beautiful pearls in our country!

The first one is Chassepierre, built with typical warm yellow stone and well-known for its mill. And not just a mill, but one quite underground with walls covered with ferns.

It was like entering a scene from a fairytale, as we had to follow this sign to “the hole of the fairies”.

I was completely in love with this wall; its colors, the ferns and moss growing everywhere!

Continuing our way to Laforêt… really, we only drove through endless woods!

This beautiful village is known for its old tobacco sheds. In the older days people dried the tobacco leaves outside in these sheds.

We slowly walked to the river Semois. There’s something calming about a flowing river. It keeps ever running as time is passing by and the world is changing. Still there’s the steadfastness and comfort of nature, even during this second lockdown. Watching out over this river and being surrounded by beautiful nature, helps me to forget all the struggles going on in the world for a little while. 

Back in time, people have built a wooden bridge over the river Semois at this point, to transport the harvest from one side to another. Nowadays, during summer, the local government rebuilds this kind of construction, again. But we were to late as everything was stored again. I love to discover how people lived years ago and I’m fond of those kind of historical facts. 

With all these adventures and memories in mind, we happily returned home!

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