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Autumn is slightly making it’s way… A slight chill on the breeze, an ever deepening golden hue in the light. The trees are beginning to fade and the mornings and evenings are becoming rapidly darker. On my walk lately I came across these unique leaves and a butterfly in warm autumn colors. Isn’t it amazing how nature colors always peacefully match together?

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Song at the beginning of Autumn


Now watch this autumn that arrives

In smells. All looks like summer still;

Colours are quite unchanged, the air

on green and white serenely thrives.

Heavy the trees with growth and full

The fields. Flowers flourish everywhere.


Proust who collected time within

A child’s cake would understand

The ambiguity of this-

Summer still raging while a thin

Column of smoke stirs from the land

Proving that autumn gropes for us.


But every season is a kind

Of a rich nostalgia. We give names-

Autumn and summer, winter, spring-

As though to unfasten from the mind

Our moods and give them outward forms.

We want the certain, solid thing.


But I am carried back against

My will into a childhood where

Autumn is bonfires, marbles, smoke;

I lean against my window, fenced

From evocations in the air.

When I said autumn, autumn broke.


             Elizabeth Jennings


These echinacea heads in our garden are still pretty in their autumn dresses. I’ve already been drying their leaves for tea.

I hope you will find the time to watch how summer is ending and autumn is arriving!

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