Autumn quote

Summer has gone by and another season is just around the corner… autumn is silently creeping in. You have probably also noticed the chilly mornings, the shorter days, the leaves that are getting red and yellow, flowers in the garden are withering and the colours in nature are fading. Nature is preparing for autumn, and maybe you too!

So it’s time for a new seasonal quote to celebrate the abundance and beauty of fall today!

Today it still is summer,

tomorrow it will be fall.

I see the purple asters,

I hear the autumn’s call.

I feel the warm sun shining,

as a balmy south wind blows;

I see more flowers blooming,

and I see the grass still grows;

The goldenrod is waving,

the bees are in the clover.

I hear a distant honking-

the geese are flying over.

The maple leaves are golden;

the pumpkins round and yellow.

The apple cheeks are rosy,

the pears are getting mellow.

The nuts are growing rounder,

the cornstalks, brown and sear.

By twenty lovely tokens

I know that fall is near.

Today it still is summer,

tomorrow will be fall.

Today I still am barefoot-

oh, how I love it all!

Nona Keen Duffy

May this season be filled with warmth, coziness, an abundant harvest in your garden and in your personal life, and moments of calmness to slow down!

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