Autumn quote

Can you believe it’s already autumn today? Summer has gone by so quickly… but I don’t mind. I’m quite ready for those autumn days of cosying up, woollen cardigans, beautiful colors, picking apples in the garden, golden sunshine and candlelight. What about you?

As the days shorten and the temperature becomes a bit cooler, comfort and calmness come to mind as the pace of time slows down. Time for stillness and beauty.

John Addington Symonds describes those autumn September days so beautifully in this “On the Hillside”.

“The winds behind me in the thicket sigh,

the bees fly droning on laborious wing,

pink cloudlets scarcely float across the sky,

September stillness broods over every thing…

Deep peace is in my soul… Let us live and love;

suns rise and set, and fill the rolling year…

Hush! in the thicket still the breezes blow,

pink cloudlets sail across the azure sky,

the bees warp lazily on laden wing,

beauty and stillness brood o’er every thing.”

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