Autumn shop update

I’v recently created an Autumn Collection and just updated my Etsy shop with new items. I’ll gladly give you a little sneak peak here.

Let’s start with some autumn inspired jewellery…

A porcelain leaf brooch with a tiny squirrel and matching earrings with leafs or tiny mushrooms on a soft carpet of moss.

Or what do you think of these colorful earrings with rosehips and blackberries? They are perfect to add some color to your outfit on the grey autumn days!

There are also new glass test tubes and small glass bottles available. Some are filled with wildflowers such as the beneficial echinacea or the bee-friendly heal-all.

And other glass test tubes are filled with treasures from the woods such as ferns, mushrooms and moss. They’ll surely add some autumn feeling to your home!

And this is a bigger glass test tube with a branch overgrown with all kinds of moss, titled ‘Branch of the woods’. A perfect botanical creation for your curiosity cabinet!

And there is also this antique golden frame with a botanical tale of the sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus). From seed to flower and back to seed, you can see every part of the growing process in the hand shaped porcelain details. This is for everyone who loves the beauty and details nature offers us daily. And above all, this one-of-a-kind frame holds the sweet promise of a lovely summer’s day!

If you want to see more, just pop over to my shop to take a closer look or purchase one of my new creations. It’s worldwide shipping!

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