autumn treasures

Autumn is sparkling abundantly at the moment! Everywhere I look I notice a colourful palette of golden yellow, rusty shades, purple reds and russet.

Rosehips in bright red are winking in the hedgerows. They don’t only look decorative but they also very healthy. So don’t pass them by without collecting some to take home with you! They provide us with the necessary vitamins such as kalium, fosfor and iron so we would get through the dark months ahead.

Mushrooms are all around in all kind of shapes and colors. As it has been very wet lately, I’ve discovered many different mushrooms in our garden. I must admit they are really inspiring for my new porcelain creations!

I’ve been watching the leaves change colour;

from green to red …

or into golden yellow.

And as for the weather in autumn; refreshing raindrops and a warming sun on the same day.

Surrounded by so much natural beauty I can’t resist to bring some autumnal bounty indoors to decorate our house.

Brown shades of collected nuts during my walks. Lovely silhouettes of dried flowers still make a beautiful bouquet.

Autumn is the season of change. The season of the year winding down and of celebration and preparation for the cold months ahead. As the days become shorter, it’s time to gather in and harvest from the fields, woods and garden.

I’ve been making a walk in the woods with our youngest daughter to collect sweet chestnuts. We came home with a full basket. And this year we finally could gather our own hazelnuts!

We made a little fire to roast the sweet chestnuts while enjoying a cup of homemade hot chocolate. Even the sun was joining our little autumn party!

In the garden I’ve been harvesting the last blackberries and stirred them into jam. I’ve added some cinnamon for a real autumnal taste.

This autumn I made fire cider for the first time. It’s a folkloric medicine to cure typical winter illnesses such as colds, coughs and flus. I’ve added fresh spices (horseradish, hot pepper, ginger and turmeric), herbs, lemon, orange, garlic and onions to infuse in organic apple cider. It surely contains all the good nature has to offer us to reinforce our immune system. This bottle has to stand for one month and need to be shaken it every day.

I’m really curious how it will taste… This spicy drink should be immune-boosting, antiviral, antibacterial, congestion clearing and warming. What would we need more on a cold winter day?

Though autumn is the perfect time to be outside, I also love to spend more time inside. I’ve had a cosy time in the kitchen baking an autumn chocolate pie with dried cinnamon apples and almonds to celebrate our youngest daughter’s birthday.

On a rainy day I’ve been baking these oat biscuits with raisins to fill the empty cookie tin. It was empty again in no time!

Autumn is also the perfect time to collect seeds from the garden. When the sun has been shining and desiccating the seedpods, I make a round to harvest them.

Seeds of hollyhocks, lamb’s ear, wild fennel, poppies, echinacea, marigold, sweet peas and love-in-a-mist.

Beautiful and delicate silhouettes of dried flowers and their seeds in the garden. The sunlight makes them even more ethereal!

What a diversity of shapes! And they’ll all hold the promise of new flowers for next year!

The seeds of this poppy couldn’t wait to sprout until next spring! It was such a funny and hopeful discovery to came across this impatient poppy in the garden.

A collection of autumn treasures in subtle brown shades.

I hope these autumn days may bring you sweet and kind treasures!

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