autumn treasures

On one of the last warm October days we made a walk around this beautiful castle, surrounded by a forest and fields and a family of alpacas.

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We enjoyed the soft light, it enlightens everything with a golden and warm glow. Autumn colors became even more intense and bright. How I love these flaming colors, especially on a gloomy day. But on this day it was like summer didn’t want to say goodbye and treated us with its last warmth and kindness.

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We collected sweet chestnuts and ate them bit by bit along our walk. It’s amazing how many treasures we found, when one looks carefully and indulge the beauty of nature! I noticed these maple seeds on a wooden table surrounded by a soft bed of moss. It was the perfect place to rest before taking flight again. And who don’t want to have a seat on these gigantic fairy mushrooms?!

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A season of falling leaves

and hibernating trees

of gathering and hoarding

of frosty, sparkling, misty mornings.

A season for crunching and munching

for chestnut roasting

and crumpet toasting

for bonfire flames dancing

in the midnight air

A season for listening

to racing winds whistling

through sleepy undressed branches

and for children, chasing the host

of whirling, twirling falls leaves.

                    A poem compiled entirely by children

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