Beauty in the everyday

“In each new day, wherever you may be, there is always waiting for you some beautiful discovery.

The more you go in search, the more you find that every day will have at least one moment where the beauty is simply and abundantly clear. In that moment your eyes will open – and the beauty becomes a part of you, as you have opened your heart to it.

Then you’ll find that each day is stitched of such moments. You’ll begin to gather yourself, finding life itself a patchwork quilt of beauty. It’s waiting to be found, to be made.

It waits for you.” Katie Daisy

For me, today, it was running wild and free in nature and at the end picking wildflowers and making a bouquet which reflects this wild, free and lively feeling I experienced this early morning.

There’s indeed beauty to be found in the smallest things. I think it’s something we can learn during this corona-lockdown when our lives have become more simple and with less distractions and excitement. It isn’t easy when every day almost looks rather dull and similar. Especially on those days it can be helpful to look for the beauty around us and be grateful for it.

Every flower is unique in its own way, with its own colors, shapes, textures and scents. It’s a piece of art in itself, reflecting pure beauty.

And I need to keep my eyes wide open to its beauty as it’s something that settles me and brings balance into my daily life. They give me so much joy and literally add color to my days!

Flowers, blooming fields, blue skies, birdsong in the morning, fluttering butterflies and a tumbling squirrel in the garden, … All this beauty around us is a gift given to us to enjoy, to cherish and to fill us with joy in abundance, if we only choose to look at it. At least, that’s how it is for me.

I hope you will find joy and beauty too in the small gifts you’re surrounded by!

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