birthday celebration

Today I celebrated my birthday! I leave it to your imagination to guess my age!!!

P1340853 P1340850

My husband and the girls decorated the house and prepared a delicious birthday breakfast. It was a happy and cosy morning together with lovely surprises, cards and lots of beautiful presents. What a luxury to start my day this way!

P1340846 P1340848

We visited a thrift store where I found some pretty things. It’s one of the things I always like to do, probably because of the excitement of finding unexpected treasures.

Afterwards it was time for a cup of exquisite organic tea gifted by a dear far away friend, together with a little piece of raspberry chocolate. I also picked up this old book of Ralph Waldo Emerson at the library. I like a lot of his quotes so I’m looking forward to read his writings.

P1340857 P1340863

These flowers and a dozen more I got from my girls and husband. They will make a beautiful border in our garden. They know me too well!!


To celebrate my birthday with you I’ll offer a discount of 20% on all items in my Etsy shop, until Wednesday!

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