blooming and blossoming

Today my husband and I have been bicycling in our region to enjoy the blossoms. This area in Belgium is well- known for its orchards and blossoms, especially this time of year. Having the luxury to live here, we can’t resist its’ unique beauty. It’s always for such a short time we are surrounded by the blossoms. Even though the sky was grey and we felt some raindrops now and then, we enjoyed so much the view and silence in the fields.

A field filled with tiny golden suns… these dandelions were such a spectacular view.┬áIf the sun would be shining, it would have been an even more brilliant golden view!

Even though a lot of people see them as annoying weeds in their garden, they are wonderful medicinal herbs. You can eat the flower and leaves and make tea of them for example. They can also be used to detox and have many more benefits for our bodies. I once made jam of the petals but it wasn’t a real success. I suppose it all depends on the recipe one uses…

And only looking at these miniature suns makes us happy, don’t you agree?!

Passing this blossoming orchard with a special breed of sheep. They were laying in the grass and were just staring at us with an undisturbed look. Surrounded by green and living under blooming blossoms would make anyone lazy and slow I think!

Maybe these two ladies are twin sisters. They looked so cosy and woolly together.

A lovely view at a pear orchard. Endless rows of blooming white trees. Unfortunately most farmers still use lots of pesticides under the trees to remove weeds and keep the soil bare. I still don’t understand the use of it. It looks so unnatural and of course residues of these pesticides are found in our apples. Not to speak of the pesticides they also use on the trees and apples against pests and plagues. I really hope more farmers will cultivate fruit in organic ways that is healthy for the environment and people.

White blossoms with delicate petals at a background of fresh green leaves, waiting to be visited by the bees.

Orchards in all kind of sizes and colors. The cherry blossoms at the back are in full bloom and at the front there are pear trees, slowly coming into bloom.

Me, enjoying the view of these abundant blossom trees.

A patchwork of fields, blossoming trees and shades of green. A bit misty but nevertheless a typical view of this region.

Another typical view with this old church surrounded by grass, blossoming trees and fields. I really love these kind of views. I’m happy historic buildings are protected and are part of our heritage.

It makes me long for earlier times when everything was more natural and slow. Where Sundays were resting days and people had time to meet and connect. Where there was silence and bird song instead of noisy lawn mowers on a Sunday afternoon. Where there is time to reflect, to intentionally step back from our daily activities and refill our batteries.

I hoped you enjoyed this little tour in the region where I live! And I wish you a good start of the new week.

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