Blooming blossoms

As I live in this specific area in Belgium well-known for its fruit and orchards, I always enjoy the abundantly blooming blossoms.  And they are proudly showing their beauty these days!

The orchards with the trees dressed in white make such a beautiful patchwork with the freshly plowed fields.

The plum and cherry trees have been blooming and now our apple trees are in bloom too. One day I only see a closed pink bud and the next day the delicate white flower unfolds its leaves to blossom and make me smile.

The air is heavy with smells this time of year. Fragrances of blossoms, lilacs, forsythia, freshly cut grass and turned earth. This is the smell of spring and it awakens our senses after winter.  It’s all part of spring’s magic! It calls us out and what sleeps in winter wakes in spring, loud and urgent.

Springtime is the time for deeper attentiveness. To plow the ground of our life, and to listen. To rotate our life around what really matters. Let us look closely to our life and decide to live more fruitfully. To let our lives be filled with heavenly scented blossoms. They are after all the beginning of a delicious piece of fruit!

And don’t forget … spring has a way of growing small things big!

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