Blooming creativity

This morning I woke up early and I decided to get up, take my bicycle and camera and go out for an early bike tour to photograph the blossoms.

It was a little chilly but the sun was already up to accompany me. I enjoyed the fresh air, the wonderful birdsong, the misty views, the awakening of the world and the astonishing beauty of the blooming blossoms. Mostly pear and cherry blossoms right now. But the apple blossoms will soon follow!

I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time now! Finally the blossoms are in full bloom and making the world into a magical place. I’m so grateful to live in this wonderful region. Being surrounded by only nature and blossoms fills me with utter joy and happiness!

This early morning outing was exactly what I needed after having unproductive and sluggish days when nothing came out of my hands in my studio.

I don’t know how it is for you these days but it seems as if creativity and the motivation to be creative has left me at the moment. Probably the corona virus and the strong measures for the lock down have a bigger impact on my life and creativity than I suspected.

This kind of slow down also partly has to do with the cancellations of several ceramic markets. Normally I work towards these deadlines and I’m motivated by the prospect of showing new work.

Being surrounded by so much beauty of blossoms, silence and wide views in my neighbourhood this morning reaffirmed why I create. Like these blossoms make the world into a more beautiful place, I also want to add to the beauty with my creations.

Being creative is adding to the beauty and it’s so useful and necessary, especially in these tough times. It matters, even when there are days it doesn’t feel that way.

Although spring is always associated with new ideas starting to show up, boosts of fresh energy, new projects coming to our minds, … It’s okay to feel sluggish once in a while, even when it’s spring.

These days will pass too and maybe it’s a necessary process one has to go through before creating something new or different.

I really hope you’ll find a balance on these days in your life to let your creativity bloom!

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