celebrating autumn


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Together with our girls we made an autumn wreath. First I had to cut some willow branches to make the wreath with. We made a little walk in the garden to collect dried flowers, grasses and pretty flower heads to use as decorations. We are proud of the result!

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I couldn’t resist these rosy beauties any longer… and picked our first apples! They tasted fresh and delicious. In the meantime reading an interesting cook book by Regina Ysewijn about the old English baking tradition. I definitely will try out some of the recipes!

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Time to harvest these colorful beans in dark autumn colors! Together with my youngest daughter we peeled lots of different kind of beans and stored them for winter.


When days are getting colder, I know it’s time to change summer clothing for autumn/winter clothing. Sorting out our clothes and giving away what we don’t wear or like anymore. I also made myself this new skirt out of a “new” secondhand dress I bought. I’m fallen in love with these lovely autumn colors of the fabric.

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And what is autumn without baking “speculaas”, a typical Belgian biscuit¬†with lots of spices. Our home was filled with this amazing spicy fragrance. The cookie jar was empty too quickly!

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Some images of autumn beauty in our garden.The light is so beautiful and gives nature a golden edge. Did you notice the hummingbird hawk-moth? He is amazing and I’m so happy I could photograph him. He goes very quickly from one flower to another.

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