Celtic blessings

I’ve designed a small selection of cards with celtic blessings to send to your beloved ones. I think autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for writing and sending a hand-written letter or card, don’t you think?! There’s just nothing quite like sending and receiving handwritten notes. It’s a simple way to touch the heart of another.

It’s a calming activity on a dark evening. Install yourself in a quiet corner of your home, light some candles and take the time to write to a friend. I hope these blessing cards might help you along…

These cards are made with natural handmade paper and have a corresponding envelope with a porcelain adhesive seal to enclose it.

The celtic blessing is printed on chalk paper with a natural design and a little sparkle of gold. An imprinted porcelain button is attached to the card, as well as a porcelain tag with the words ‘especially for you’.

I would like to send you this blessing for today…

These unique cards are now available in my Etsy shop where you can choose from 4 different blessings.

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