Today the sky is cloudy … After a third heatwave here in Belgium, the clouds are gathering and covering the sun. White sheep clouds make room for bigger grey clouds. The sun has disappeared and I’m waiting for the refreshing rain to pour down on the garden.

I mostly write about the sunny and beautiful days in my life but I also want to be honest with you … there are cloudy days too as you can read about below.

Sometimes my days, and maybe yours too, feel like the sky is only filled with grey clouds, gathering above my head. The fluffy white clouds are nowhere to be seen at this moment. The shining bright sun has gone. As much as this can spoil a lovely summers day, it can also mentally effect my well-being in daily life.

There are days in my life which are filled with clouds, days when I feel sad, shattered and without energy.

On these days

… there’s the noise of workmen in the street, wakening me too early.

…. there are the neighbours’ dogs who doesn’t stop barking, just when I want to sit quietly outside.

… there’s this article I read about the devastating effects of global warming.

… there’s an endless field of potatoes, all brown and whitered, because of the poison the farmer has used to destroy the green leaves before harvesting.

… there are the lettuce seeds I’ve been sowing several times, that won’t sprout.

… there are the apples in our trees, falling down on the ground because they are infected and eaten by insects. There won’t be any apple left for us to harvest.

… there are nights I don’t sleep well and worry too much.

All these little clouds of disappointment can easily become one big cloud. It’s hanging above my head and disables me to function normally. Everything costs so much energy. I don’t manage to work in my studio and want to give up and feel guilty about it. As the clouds are filled with silver drops of rain, so is my head filled with doubts and worries.

I don’t notice the beauty of this place I call home or the gifts life offers me. I’m blinded by the clouds.

Eventually this cloudy day pass and the sun is slowly appearing through the clouds again. Still, life feels tough on these days and yet I know these moments can reveal my weak spots and make me stronger.

It’s up to us to decide to work on it and grow. Just like every flower regularly needs a cloudy day with rain to grow and fully bloom, so do we.

I hope that when you experience a cloudy day that the sun may shine on your life again!

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