collected summer memories

Although we already passed by the official end of summer, I still love to collect faded summer flowers and herbs to make them last forever…. in porcelain.

I really like making these botanical porcelain tags. It’s such a great way to use natural findings in my work. As this porcelain is a very fine and soft material, the details of the delicate imprints are perfectly clear.

Stamping kind words and wishes into the porcelain is the final touch! Once the tags are baked they are the perfect summer memories. They can be used to decorate gifts or just as a little card for a friend.

A tag with sheperd’s purse (cappella bursa-pastors). Having my field flower book nearby is such a useful way to determine the grasses and weeds I’ve collected.

“You’re my star” is another porcelain tag. The imprint of Queen Anne’s lace (daucus carota) made me think of starry skies.

The next thing I’m working on is a porcelain herbarium. I imprinted flowers and leaves on the front and back page. With an old stamp (a flea market find) I created the perfect framework for the title of this unique little book “my little herbarium”.

I want to fill these books with collected seeds from the garden, dried flowers, beautiful paper and other botanical treasuries.

Once I’ve removed the real flowers and herbs, I color the imprints with pigments. Now I can choose the green hues for the plants myself, isn’t that an unique privilege?!


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