colorful Autumn flowers

The golden Autumn leaves are falling by thousands every day and are leaving the trees bare and naked. As nature’s colors are fading, I think we can all use a portion of some happy colors that reminds us of those warm and colorful summer days. So I have added some new ear studs in my Etsy shop. Tiny flowers in all the colors of the rainbow, to cheer us up on a grey November day!

All my porcelain ear studs are sculpted by hand and inspired by nature, with a little touch of dreamy poetry and natural elegance.

They are all made with high quality porcelain and sterling silver. Colored in lovely hues, glazed and high fired. This changes the porcelain in its characteristic white and strong.

If you are already looking for Christmas gifts or just want to treat yourself with a handmade gift, you can pop over to my shop and take a look!

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