Elder berry is decorating the land in clouds of white blooms! On a sunny day I decided to make elderflower syrup. Last year I always procrastinate making the syrup and I ended up with having only a few bottles. This year I would like to have a stock of the syrup to have enough for the whole summer (and rather even longer)!

Together with our youngest daughter we went picking elderflowers. It’s always an adventure because there’s so much to see and to learn from nature. It’s delicate fragrance reminds me of summer coming soon ! What a summerfeely thing it is to drink a glass of water with homemade elderflower syrup and a leave of mint from the garden.

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Both the flowers and the berries have healing benefits and are anti-viral. There is so much one can make with the flowers and berries, from skincare to syrups and sweet desserts. I’ve also been drying a lot of the blossoms to make tea blends.They even look beautiful in a simple vase!I

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This is the recipe if you would be interested to make it yourself. Boil 2 liter water and add 1,5 kilo sugar. Stir until the sugar is liquefied, than add 20 blossoms. Add thick slices of 4 lemons and let it rest for 24 hours. Put everything through a sieve and let it boil again. Pour into sterilised bottles. And enjoy this drink on a warm summer day!

You can also make some ice cubes with the flowers. It looks very decorative and festive!P1350607 P1350616 P1350617

Let’s toast on the sweetness of summer! If you would come around, you already know what I will serve you…

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