Fáilte to Scotland

Welcome to Scotland! Last week I’ve been visitng my sister who live in Scotland. What an amazing beautiful country!  I felt overwhelmed by its beauty and green nature! Without having the appropriate words to describe it, I’ll  just let the pictures speak …


“Landscape is an incredible mystical teacher, and when you begin to tune into its sacred presence, something shifts inside you.” John O’Donohue


All these views are photographed on our way to Glencoe, one of the most famous glens of Scotland. We made a long walk there and passed by the Grey Mare’s waterfall. Quite some climbing on the rocks to get as close as possible to this wonderful waterfall. But the view was worth it! Around every corner there was a new landscape. And the woods looked like a fairytale. I was overwhelmed by all the green and how calming it is for one’s spirit.


At the end of that day we enjoyed our picnic at the water. Everything was softly lightened by the evening light and made it look like silver.


Of course, as English ladies, we can’t live without having a typical high tea. My sister knew this lovely authentic place where even the old fabric wallpaper is still on the walls. It’s like time stood still in this enchanting place. The food was delicious and I didn’t count the cups of tea we’ve been drinking! Around this scottish manor we wandered in a beautiful garden filled with lots of blooming rhododendrons.


Time was flying and at last I had to say goodbye to my dear sister and this beautiful country. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a piece of Scotland with me home (except some stones and wood I collected)  but the memories will be in my heart forever! I hope to come back one day…


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