first day of February

The snowdrops are blooming! Isn’t it amazing how their white heads come out of the dark ground covered with snow. Although the snow has melted now here. How I love these pure and tiny flowers!

As you probably already know I can’t live without flowers! So even in February I’m always on the lookout for them. Now January has passed by, I feel like I finally can count down to spring. And yes, I know we still have to wait for at least 2 months before spring is finally here! But in the meantime I find joy in my little flowery moments. So please walk with me through my garden…

All winter this Viburnum is subtly blossoming in our garden and spreads it’s delightful fragrance. And what a most lovely soft color it has!

This bud of our filbert is waiting for the warmth and sunshine of spring.

Some other happy colors on this first day of February. It’s like they get rosy cheeks of being outside in the cold, never minding the wintry temperatures.

I hope your days will be filled with happy colors and moments too!

Now it’s time to make a warming pea soup with these freshly picked parsnips from the garden. The big one has had a long time to grow this gigantic! Once the soup is cooking on a low fire, I hope to finish my sculpture. And afterwards I have to bike to school to pick up our girls!

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