first days of February

Hello February! Can you imagine the first month of the year has already passed by? I hope it has been a kind one to you.

February is some kind of in-between month, a month of transition; it’s still rather dark and wintery cold and we are all eagerly waiting for Spring to come. Though the days are slowly getting longer and the light is coming back. And here in Belgium we finally have some real frosty and sunny winter weather after all!

On these first days of February there are signs of life and growth everywhere. Unnoticed, the snowdrops have begun to bloom. The tips of their specially hardened leaves are pushing themselves out of the cold ground and their lovely white bells are easily visible in the boarders now.These delicate snowdrops are the symbol for new life, awakening and hope. So let’s welcome them…


Many, many welcomes,

February fair-maid,

ever as of old time,

solitary firstling,

coming in the cold time,

prophet of the gay time,

prophet of the May time,

prophet of the roses,

many, many welcomes,

February fair-maid!


Lord Afred Tennyson


February is the shortest of months. And it can seduce us to get through it as quick as possible. Still it’s a winter month in which we can enjoy the small comforts of winter such as burning candles on the dark evenings, reading books, making garden plans and dreaming about the garden in summer!

It’s a time of waiting and it seems we have forgotten what it is to wait for something in this instant and fast society. But nature always learns us the important things of life! Taking the time now to look closely, to structures and silhouettes in the garden. The branches with their buds, seedpods of withered flowers, the stars that are clearly visible on February nights.

In our garden the hazel tree is in full bloom now with its catkins. I love their yellow color against the blue sky. This picture was taken on the only day we had sunshine last week.

The buds with their folded leaves are waiting for spring too, but they also have to wait…

Other flowering bulbs are coming out in the garden such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and grape hyacinths. Their fresh green leaves have pierced through the thick layer of mulch in the garden.

The elderflower has already unfold his leaves. These buds look like a tiny sculptures, don’t you think too?

Picking some lovely snowdrops for inside to put in a small vase. They smell heavenly and look so pure and humble, with their bowed heads.

Having these sweet flowers on our table together with hyacinth bulbs and hellebores flowers in tiny vases is such a treat in the morning. Their scent and colors are such a luxury treat on a winter morning.  It’s the best start of a day I think!

I wish you all a kind and prosperous month!









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