Flower portraits

I hope you are doing fine during these summer months (or winter, on the other side of the globe!). Probably many aspects of your life will look different now as covid-19 is still holding the world in it’s grip. The regulations in Belgium are very strong right now as we have a high rate of contaminations at the moment.

There are days and moments I find it quite hard to deal with the consequences of this corona crisis and accept the strange world we’re living in right now.

But happily there are always flowers! Being surrounded by them and being able to create them in porcelain is something that fills me with joy and gratitude and is my antidote for this sick making (literally and figuratively) crisis.

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.”

Quote by Luther Burbank

Life is often so fast-paced that we can fly through days, weeks, months and even years without the opportunity to stop and take a breath. Although I suppose one of the positive aspects of the corona crisis is that it forces us to take a closer look at our current lives and the way we live them.

Everything in our 21st century is instantaneous and immediate, so introducing flowers into our lives reaffirms presence- who we are and the world we are so fortunate to live in. As our minds are often constantly occupied by an endless stream of information, social media and messages, we can easily forget this.

Flowers remind us to live in the moment; they are temporary, but by embracing them in our everyday lives we get to enjoy the beauty of their transience.

All these porcelain flowers will become part of new glass domes that are in the making. But they looked too inviting and enchanting so I decided to make flower portraits of them before they are put together in botanical stories under glass.

My hope and wish is that you may be surrounded by flowers and find joy and comfort in them too!

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