for the love of lilacs

Have you noticed it too? The blooming and heavenly scented lilacs are declaring spring is in full swing!

Today I’ve been picking some lovely stems of lilacs in our garden. Their scent is gently wafting in our living room, every time I pass. I really love these flowers,  they’re one of  my favourites! It’s a pity they don’t last long in a vase. But maybe that’s with a particular reason… Could it be they want us to go outside and smell the flowers where they bloom, right there in the garden? To be completely overwhelmed by their scent that surrounds us when looking closely at these wonderful purple plumes? Or maybe they want to teach us some things can’t be hold for long and must be enjoyed in its own time?

So for the love of lilacs I go outside every day where I can enjoy them for a long time. Especially in the morning and evening their heavenly scent is filling the air. A perfect way to start and end my day!


O’ favor’d flower of spring’s return

how bright your violet petals bloom

filling the air with scent’d lavender

not e’en darkness can dim you tiny plumes.

Of all the colours spring brings to life

of the many flowers that adorn the month of May

tis the endearing Lilac that reigns supreme

till summer’s kiss thy beauty starts to fade.


John A. Hancock


I also did a little update of my Etsy shop and some botanical curiosities are available right now!

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